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Do you suffer pain?
Are pain meds to expensive of hard to obtain?
Does your insurance not cover your pain prescriptions?
Would you like to be able to purchase pain pharmaceuticals for less?

Is finding pain solutions almost as painful as your pain?

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Are you looking for Hydrocodone, Vicodin, Ultram and other pain control medications?

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There are a thousand sources all over the world and new ones coming every day. Which are the best? How can you find out? Who can you trust? Is it legal? Who is trying to take you money? At we can point you to the right answers.

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The way people are buying medications is changing...
There are medications that are not available in your country...
Some pharmaceuticals cost much less in other countries...
The internet makes it possible for people to reach overseas pharmacies...

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The information others want to sell to you is available for free at our site.

Mexican, European, Internattional  Pharmacies
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Buying pharmaceuticals online and, from overseas sources, is a risky business.
You need to be informed of the laws and regulations in your country.

Pharmaceuticals laws are different in each country. Which laws apply to you?
An over the counter drug in one country can be a controlled substance in another.
Prices in Mexico, Thailand, Spain, Greece, and other locations can be a fraction of prices in USA or Germany.

Thousands of US citizens go to Mexico everyday to buy their personal  supply of pharmaceuticals. It is legal but you need to know the rules. Who can you trust and who is a known crook?

Millions of European stock up on pharmaceuticals when they travel to Spain and Greece. How can they buy without traveling?

The life extension  pharmaceuticals you need may not be available in your country. Where can you buy them?

Some online "pharmacies" will sell you anything, even controlled substances. This can mean big trouble for you. How can you avoid the illegal sources?

Did you know that most non US sites offering pharmaceuticals online are no even legal in their own country?

If you know the right sources you can get a better deal in your own country. Who has the best deals in your country?

The European Union is one big market and members can now take advantage of lower prices in other European countries. How can Europeans enjoy all the advantages the EU provides?

What are the facts about "no prescription needed", "free prescription service" ,"FDA approved", and similar offerings? Are they legal?

Answers to many of these questions are available at


Mexican, European, Internattional  Pharmacies
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Mexican, European, Internattional  Pharmacies
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